Wednesday, 4 May 2011

what's her pR0bleM..??

Dear reader,

I couldn't understand what am i feel
there was something that i didn't understand last night

Last night, i posted something on my facebook
sooner after that, I saw someone
posted the same thing on her wall..

Then, I asked her politely ..
"excuse me, Are you copy this from a person?"
Then, she replied me,that she didn't ..
she also said.. that she hasn't got time to poke on others wall

Did you see how she reacted? ;(
But, the truth is .. there's no need for her to do that...
Because, she is one of my members on facebook ..
So, whatever I post on my facebook, she will know it.

After, she said that.. then, i said "Oh.. Really..?"
Then.suddenly her friend gave comment on this.
she said "Hey Bitch,what's your problem? Don't you feel shy to disturb others wall?"
Too rude..

OMG.. What the hell..
Was I disturbing?? Was I the one started this??
Can anyone tell me.. Who is her saying me like that..
It's unfair, she didn't know the whole story ..
but without knowing.. she blame me..
and said such damn words..

I didn't know why.. and I can't judge..
who was right.. and who was wrong..
hopefully.. someone who read this can
help and judge...

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