Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hard to Say

There are some things in life That are very hard to say.So I decided to write them down for you,Before the words all slip away.I promise I will stand by your side,In happiness and doubt.And I will be an open ear,When you just need to let it out.I will always hold your feelings high,And never cause you sorrow.I will be right here for you,Yesterday, today, tomorrow.I promise, here, to you, this day,To not condemn your trust.To not say things I do not mean,In anger or in lust.All of these things are hard to say,Especially when they're true,But the hardest thing I'll swear today Is that I'll always love you.

There is no meaning of DAY without SUN, There is no meaning of NIGHT without MOON, There is no meaning of SEA without WATER, There is no meaning of ME without U...

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