Thursday, 24 November 2011

It Was You.. :)

It was you!

it was you that made me truly smile when we shred our first joke .

it was you that stuck out your hand and gave me an invisibel poke

it was you that helped me relize all the person i could potentially be.

when i thought i was shruded in darknees and could not see.

it was you that made me relize life was worth the time of living.

to cary on and to continue giving.

it was you that helped me through the hard times the good times and the thick and thin

everytime i speak of you or here your lovly name i cant help but not grin

it was you that took my heart and gave it wings to fly.

so that you my cheerish it and keep it in hopes that it will never die.

it was you that inspired me with these words to say.

so that you could carry my love with you throughout the day

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